Sonntag, 4. Februar 2007

Two Of A Kind (1983)

About The Movie:

Two Of A Kind Is A 1983 movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

The film has Travolta as an inventor and Newton-John as a bank teller. It is up to both criminally-minded individuals to save the Earth from God's destruction.

This film was the pop singer Newton-John's third attempt at a big budget movie, but which turned out to be an even bigger bomb than her previous Xanadu. This film also marked the start of a huge downturn in Travolta's movie career, which wouldn't rebound until 1994 with his starring role in Pulp Fiction. This film was the antithesis of Travolta's and Newton-John's previous film together, Grease, one of the biggest box office successes in movie history.


01.Twist Of Fate - Olivia Newton John

02.Take A Chance - Olivia Newton John & John Travolta

03.It´s Gonna Be Special - Patti Austin

04.Catch 22 (2 Steps Forward,2 Steps Back) - Steve Kipner

05.Shaking You - Olivia Newton John

06.(Livin´In) Desperate Times - Olivia Newton John

07.The Perfect One - Boz Scaggs

08.Ask The Lonely - Journey

09.Prima Donna - Chicago

10.Night Music - David Foster

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I bet both Travolta and Newton-John both cringe when they here this movie!


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