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Outland (1981)

Outland is a 1981 science fiction movie starring Sean Connery. It has been described as space western, that is, a Western set in the future, with a specific nod towards High Noon. Connery's character is the federal marshal of a mining colony on Io, a moon of Jupiter, rather than in the Wild West.
The manager of the colony (Peter Boyle) is part of a drug smuggling ring that brings a drug called Polydichloric Euthimal, an amphetamine into the colony in order to maintain high production levels. Unfortunately, with sustained use over a period of time, the drug causes hallucinations and psychotic behavior. After several miners experience hallucinations and die in mishaps, the marshal (Connery) investigates and uncovers the smuggling ring. The marshal confronts the manager to stop the drug shipments, but the manager says that nobody else wants the drug shipments to be stopped. The manager contacts his smuggling ring and several assassins are sent to the station to murder the marshal. With the sole help of the station doctor (Frances Sternhagen), the marshal evades the assassins through a desperate kill-or-be-killed chase throughout the colony.

01.The Mine
02.Early Arrival
03.The Message
04.The Airlock
05.Hot Water
06.The Hunted
08.The Rec Room
09.The Hostage
10.Final Message

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