Donnerstag, 19. April 2007

Teen Wolf (1985)

Teen Wolf (first released on August 23, 1985 by Atlantic Releasing Corporation) is an American film starring Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard, a high school student who discovers that his family has an unusual heritage when he finds himself transforming into a werewolf. The film was directed by Rod Daniel based on a script co-written by Jeph Loeb and Matthew Weisman.


01.Flesh On Fire - James House

02.Big Bad Wolf - The Wolf Sisters

03.Win In The End - Mark Safan

04.Shootin´For The Moon - Amy Holland

05.Silhouette - David Palmer

06.Way To Go - Mark Vieha

07.Good News - David Morgan

08.Transformation - Miles Goodman

09.Boof - Miles Goodman

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City Heat (1984)

City Heat is the Title of a 1984 action-comedy starring Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds.

City Heat was released in North America in December 1984. The pairing of Eastwood and Reynolds in a Prohibition-era action-comedy seemed to give the movie the potential to be a hit. Unfortunately, the movie bombed, taking in only $38,300,000 at the box office. Making the movie as an action film without any comedy at all may have helped it to be a bigger hit.

Controversy over Reynolds's health started when he was hit in the face with a metal chair during the filming of a fight scene. His jaw was broken and he was restricted to a liquid diet, causing him to lose over 30 pounds by the time filming wrapped. His condition made headlines in the tabloids, who suspected he had AIDS.


01.Million Dollar Baby (Vocals:Al Jarreau)

02.A Rainy Night

03.Montage Blues

04.Between The Devil And The Deep Blue See (Vocals:Eloise Laws)

05.Murf´s Turf

06.Dinner Fight

07.Get Happy (Vocals:Irene Cara)

08.Embracable You (Vocals:Irene Cara)

09.A Cold Night

10.Tap Your Feet

11.Speer Head

12.Have A Good One

13.Lieutenant´s Stealthy

14.City Heat (Vocals:Joe Williams)

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Hawks (1988)

Hawks is a 1988 British comedy film about two terminally ill patients: an English lawyer named Bancroft (Timothy Dalton) and a young American football player (Anthony Edwards), who decide to sneak out of their hospital rooms and live life to its fullest for whatever time they have left. Their goal: to reach a famous brothel in Amsterdam. Along the way, thy encounter various characters including a pair of misfit British women (played by Camille Coduri and Janet McTeer).

The film intentionally stays away from giving any specific details regarding the two men's illness, though it is presumed they have some form of cancer. It was filmed on location in London's Charing Cross Hospital and in the Netherlands.

The film was based on a short story written by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and David English, and the screenplay was written by Roy Clarke. The musical score was composed by Gibb.

The film is often regarded as the most overlooked and underrated in Timothy Dalton's career.


01.System Of Love

02.Childhood Days

03.My Eternal Love

04.Moonlight Madness

05.Where Tomorrow is

06.Celebration De La Vie

07.Chain Reaction (Vocals:Diana Ross)

08.Cover You

09.Not In Love At All

10.Letting Go

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Mittwoch, 11. April 2007

Robocop (1987)

Robocop is a 1987 science fiction action movie and satire of business-driven capitalism, directed by Paul Verhoeven. It spawned two sequels, several comic books, multiple video games, two animated series, dozens of action figures and two television series, all featuring a cyborg police officer. The film was produced by Orion Pictures.

The film is set in a dystopian near future, in Detroit, Michigan. Violent crime is out of control, and the city is in financial ruin. The city contracts the megacorporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) to fund and operate the police department, in effect privatizing it. OCP is not interested in rebuilding "Old Detroit" but with replacing it with a modern utopia called "Delta City". Before this large construction project can begin, OCP wishes to end crime in the city, and creates a superhuman law-enforcement agent known as RoboCop.


01.Main Title

02.Van Chase

03.Murphy´s Death

04.Rock Shop


06.Robo vs. ED-209

07.The Dream

08.Across The Board


10.Clarance Frags Bob

11.Drive To Jones´Office

12.We Kill You

13.Directive IV

14.Robo Tips His Head


16.End Credits

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Empire Of The Sun (1987)

Empire Of The Sun is a 1987 English language film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Christian Bale, John Malkovich, and Miranda Richardson. It is based on the novel of the same name by J.G. Ballard; the film's screenplay being adapted by Tom Stoppard and Menno Meyjes. The film was critically acclaimed, being nominated for six Oscars and winning three BAFTAs (for Cinematography, Music and Sound).

Bale received a special citation for Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor from the National Board of Review — an award specially created for his performance in Empire of the Sun.


01.Suo Gan - The Ambrosian Junior Choir

02.Cadillac Of The Skies

03.Jim´s New Life

04.Lost In The Crowd

05.The Return To The City

06.Liberation:Exultate Justi

07.The British Grenadiers

08.Toy Planes,Home And Earth

09.The Streets Of Shanghai

10.The Pheasant Hunt

11.No Road Home / Seeing The Bomb

12.Exultate Justi

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The Serpent & The Rainbow (1988)

The Serpent and the Rainbow is a 1988 American horror film, directed by Wes Craven and starring Bill Pullman.

The film takes its title from a non-fiction book by ethnobotanist Wade Davis, dealing with his experiences in Haiti as he investigates the voodoo based phenomenon of zombiefication.

David Allen, an ethnobotanist/anthropologist from Harvard University, narrowly escapes the Amazon Jungle at the beginning and returns to Boston. Word of his exploits get around and he is approached by a large pharmaceutical corporation looking to investigate a drug that is part of the Voodoo religion in Haiti that they want to acquire in order to mass produce. They send him to Haiti to find out about the drug, but he winds up learning more about zombification instead. In essence, the drug is an alternate and less dangerous method of anesthesia.

When Allen arrives in Haiti the country is in the middle of a revolution of sorts. The government is taking anyone prisoner who they think is against the current political powers. He eventually meets another doctor who helps him research and investigate the so-called zombies. What he finds is the evil that lurks behind the Voodoo religion and the destruction it can cause to the human mind.


01.Main Title


03.Battle For Souls


05.Love Scene

06.Dennis Powered



09.Leaving Haiti

10.Jungle Vision

11.Out Of The Jungle

12.Powder Making

13.Back To Haiti


15.Question Montage

16.Dragged Into Office

17.Dennis Dumped

18.End Credits

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