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Colors (1988)

Colors is a 1988 film starring Sean Penn and Robert Duvall and directed by Dennis Hopper. The story takes place in South Central Los Angeles in 1987, and is about an experienced LAPD cop, Bob Hodges (Duvall) and his rookie partner, Danny McGavin (Penn) who try to keep the gang violence between the Bloods and the Crips under control.

Danny McGavin is a young officer who has just transferred to LAPD's C.R.A.S.H. unit from patrol. Teamed with 19-year veteran Bob Hodges, he is a hotheaded adrenaline junkie, much to Hodge's chagrin. McGavin allows no challenge to authority, however slight, to go unpunished.

The older cop is laid back on the surface, preaching "rapport" to gang members to encourage them to offer help when it is truly needed, and recognizes that every action white cops take is scrutinized by the people they are trying to help. The lessons are lost on McGavin, and his actions bring him quick notoriety that rubs off on Hodges.

Amidst this, a murder of a Bloods gang member leads to a series of escalations between two other gangs, a relentless intertwining of seemingly random incidents that culminates in a gang war. Meanwhile, after attempts of reason, friendship and finally intimidation fail to bring any change in McGavin, Hodges finally gives up and requests a partner transfer.

McGavin finally learns that being a hardened enforcer has repercussions in the lives of everyone he contacts, and most of all himself, and that force without diplomacy only leads to ruin.


01.Colors - Ice T

02.Six Gun (44 Mag.Mix) - Decadent Dub Team

03.Let The Rhythm Run - Salt N Pepa

04.Raw - Big Daddy Kane

05.Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness) - Eric B & Rakim

06.Butcher Shop - Kool G Rap

07.Mad Mad World - 7 A 3

08.Go On Girl - Roxanne Shante

09.A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste - MC Shan

10.Everywhere I Go (Colors) - Rick James

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Batman (1989)

Batman is an American Academy Award-winning superhero film based on the DC Comics character Batman created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. It is the first entry in the original four-part Batman film series, the first directed by Tim Burton and the first to star Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman. It also starred Jack Nicholson as the Joker. Inspired by the original work of Finger and Kane from the late thirties and forties and also by the darker Batman comics of the 1980s (including the work of Frank Miller and Alan Moore), the film moved the franchise towards Batman's dark roots and away from the campy 1960s interpretation of the character.

Tracklist (Prince Songs) :
01.The Future
02.Electric Chair
03.The Arms Of Orion (with Sheena Easton)
05.Vicki Waiting
07.Lemon Crush

Tracklist (Score) :
01.The Batman Theme
02.Roof Fight
03.First Confrontation
06.Clown Attack
07.Batman To The Rescue
08.Roasted Dude
09.Photos/Beautiful Dreamer
10.Descent Into Mystery
11.The Bat Cave
12.The Joker´s Poem
13.Childhood Remembered
14.Love Theme
15.Charge Of The Batmobile
16.Attack Of The Batwing
17.Up The Cathedral
18.Waltz To The Death
19.The Final Confrontation
21.Batman Theme Reprise

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Rain Man (1988)

Rain Man is an Academy Award-winning 1988 film which tells the story of an abrasive, selfish yuppie, Charlie Babbitt, who discovers that his father has left all of his multi-million dollar estate to an autistic savant brother, Raymond, whom Charlie never knew he had.

The movie stars Tom Cruise as Charlie Babbitt, Dustin Hoffman as his brother Raymond, and Valeria Golino as Charlie's girlfriend, Susanna. The character of Raymond was inspired by real-life savant, Kim Peek.


01.Iko Iko - The Belle Stars

02.Scatterlings Of Africa - Johnny Clegg & Savuka

03.Dry Bones - The Delta Rhythm Boys

04.At Last - Etta James

05.Lonely Avenue - Ian Gillan & Roger Glover

06.Nathan Jones - Bananarama

07.Leaving Walbrook/On The Road - Hans Zimmer

08.Las Vegas/End Credits - Hans Zimmer

09.Stardust - Rob Wasserman With Art Neville

10.Beyound The Blue Horizon - Lou Christie

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Brainstorm (1983)

Brainstorm is a 1983 science fiction film directed by Douglas Trumbull and starring Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood (in her last film appearance).

The story involves a team of scientists which includes estranged husband-and-wife, Michael and Karen Brace (played by Walken and Wood) and Michael's research colleague, Lillian Reynolds (played by Louise Fletcher) who co-invent a special computer device which allows sensations and higher brain functions to be scanned directly from the brain, recorded, and played back, allowing another person to experience them. The device that read thoughts was called "The Hat". Memories and experiences are stored on an oversize iridescent videotape recorder/player.

When Reynolds suffers a fatal heart attack, she manages to record her own death. Michael attempts to play back the tape, but is nearly killed doing so. After modifying the output of the device to prevent the lethal effect, he tries again, but is interrupted after another scientist who was secretly monitoring the playback dies. The tape is locked away, and Michael and Karen are kicked off the team.

Michael, now obsessed with seeing the tape to the end, makes several attempts to hack into the lab's computers, and discovers project "Brainstorm" - which includes such applications of the device as torture and brainwashing. Michael's son is inadvertently exposed to one of the "toxic" tapes that had been developed as part of the project, and suffers severe mental trauma as a result.

Now more determined than ever, Michael enlists the help of his ex-wife, as well as a friend who had been part of the original project team, so that he can finally view the tape of Reynolds' death, even at the cost of his own life, and destroy project Brainstorm.

Ultimately he succeeds on both counts, and finally knowing what death truly is and what lies after it, he and Karen rediscover their love for one another.

Michael views Dr. Reynold's deathtape. It recorded all of her last thoughts, filled with time memory bubbles, each with its own memory or story. As she actually dies, she remembers the hilarious meeting with Michael and the robot that knocked down stacked up soda cans, She remembers a potential suitor at her lab, attempting to woo and flatter her. She also remembers being devastated, when her boss told her that her private funding was lost, Project Triad was dead and the Pentagon would take over. Her last thoughts on the tape, right before she died, was that of seeing stars and a heavenly chamber and hundreds of angels flying into a great central cosmic light......Then the tape ran out. Michael began crying, because Dr. Reynold's had seen Heaven and made it.

While Michael Brace views the tape, his wife Karen hacks the computer that destroys the robotic factory that makes the memory recording helmets for the US Military.


01.Main Title

02.Lillian´s Heart Attack

03.Gaining Access To The Tapes

04.Michael´s Gift To Karen

05.First Playback

06.Race For Time

07.Final Payback,End Titles

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Angel Heart (1987)

Angel Heart is a 1987 horror movie written and directed by Alan Parker, starring Mickey Rourke, Lisa Bonet and Robert De Niro. The film is adapted from the novel Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg, and is generally faithful to the novel, but it has a more somber tone.

A highly atmospheric film, Angel Heart combines elements of film noir, hard-boiled detective stories and horror.

Rourke plays Harry Angel, a seedy private investigator in 1955 New York City. Louis Cyphre (De Niro) hires Angel to locate Johnny Favorite, a popular big band crooner who was severely injured in World War II and hospitalized with profound brain damage. Cyphre discovers that the hospital falsified Favorite's records, and wants Angel to find out what happened, as Favorite owed a debt to Cyphre.

But there's more to the case than initially appears, as the debt in question is Favorite's soul, and Cyphre is not human – his very name, Louis Cyphre, is a play on words, sounding like Lucifer when said out loud. His true objective is strongly hinted at by the "egg scene," in which Cyphre eats, with great gusto, an egg – after remarking that in many cultures it represents the soul.

Angel travels to New Orleans as he digs deeper into the case, delving into a world of voodoo and satanism and growing increasingly worried for his own safety and sanity. As Harry Angel discovers more and more of the truth behind Favorite's fate, he experiences flashbacks of satanic rituals, a black mass and a string of murders. He meets Epiphany Proudfoot (Bonet), daughter of a voodoo practitioner who knew Favorite. Notable is the film's disturbing twist ending, in which Angel must finally face the fact that he is Johnny Favorite himself, having abducted and, through a satanic ritual, taken the place and identity of the original Harry Angel, a soldier returning from the war whom he (Favorite) randomly picked off the street. Favorite had promised his soul to the Devil in exchange for worldly success, but then tried to renege by taking the place of another. It is only after he realizes his true identity that Cyphre can claim what is his: Favorite's very soul. Over the end credits, there is a lengthy sequence of Angel descending in a rackety old elevator, apparently on his way to Hell.

Rourke's effective performance anchors the film. DeNiro offers a memorable performance in an atypical role, as a refined but palpably sinister character reportedly based on Martin Scorsese's mannerisms. Charlotte Rampling and blues singer Brownie McGhee are memorable in their rather small roles.


01.Harry Angel - Courtney Pine

02.Honey Man Blues - Bessie Smith

03.Nightmare - Courtney Pine

04.Girl Of My Dreams - Courtney Pine

05.I Got This Thing About Chicken - Courtney Pine

06.The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole - Lillian Boutte

07.Rainy,Rainy Day - Brownie McGee

08.Looking For Johnny - Courtney Pine

09.Bloodmare - Courtney Pine

10.Johnny Favourite - Courtney Pine

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