Samstag, 19. Mai 2007

Colors (1988)

Colors is a 1988 film starring Sean Penn and Robert Duvall and directed by Dennis Hopper. The story takes place in South Central Los Angeles in 1987, and is about an experienced LAPD cop, Bob Hodges (Duvall) and his rookie partner, Danny McGavin (Penn) who try to keep the gang violence between the Bloods and the Crips under control.

Danny McGavin is a young officer who has just transferred to LAPD's C.R.A.S.H. unit from patrol. Teamed with 19-year veteran Bob Hodges, he is a hotheaded adrenaline junkie, much to Hodge's chagrin. McGavin allows no challenge to authority, however slight, to go unpunished.

The older cop is laid back on the surface, preaching "rapport" to gang members to encourage them to offer help when it is truly needed, and recognizes that every action white cops take is scrutinized by the people they are trying to help. The lessons are lost on McGavin, and his actions bring him quick notoriety that rubs off on Hodges.

Amidst this, a murder of a Bloods gang member leads to a series of escalations between two other gangs, a relentless intertwining of seemingly random incidents that culminates in a gang war. Meanwhile, after attempts of reason, friendship and finally intimidation fail to bring any change in McGavin, Hodges finally gives up and requests a partner transfer.

McGavin finally learns that being a hardened enforcer has repercussions in the lives of everyone he contacts, and most of all himself, and that force without diplomacy only leads to ruin.


01.Colors - Ice T

02.Six Gun (44 Mag.Mix) - Decadent Dub Team

03.Let The Rhythm Run - Salt N Pepa

04.Raw - Big Daddy Kane

05.Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness) - Eric B & Rakim

06.Butcher Shop - Kool G Rap

07.Mad Mad World - 7 A 3

08.Go On Girl - Roxanne Shante

09.A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste - MC Shan

10.Everywhere I Go (Colors) - Rick James

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Does anyone have...or could someone get...the soundtrack to Psycho III? I see Psycho II is on here already, but I need Psycho III.

Can anyone help?


The Fiji Mermaid hat gesagt…

COLORS!!! Sweet, I can't wait for that one. Thanks in advance.

Dean hat gesagt…

A personal fave of mine. Played it like a gazillion times. Stole the tape when it came out in 1988. ;-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

The older cop is laid back on the surface, preaching "rapport"

Colors of 1988

TURKAOR hat gesagt…

Anonym hat gesagt…

What a film man..........