Freitag, 9. Februar 2007

The Cannonball Run (1981)

About The Movie:

Race teams have gathered in Connecticut to start their cross-country race. One at a time, teams drive up to the starters' stand, punch a time card to indicate their time of departure, then take off. Among the teams are J.J. McClure (Burt Reynolds) and Victor Prinzi (Dom DeLuise) , driving a souped up but otherwise authentic Dodge Tradesman ambulance; Blake and Fenderbaum (Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. respectively), dressed as priests driving a red Ferrari; Jill and Marcie, two attractive women driving a Lamborghini Countach; Jackie Chan and Michael Hui as drivers of a high-tech, computer-laden Subaru with a rocket engine; and Roger Moore (playing a character named "Seymour Goldfarb, Jr." (heir to the 'Goldfarb Girdle Family Fortune" who thinks that he is actor Roger Moore).

At the starting line, observing from the shadows, is Mr. Arthur J. (as in "AJ") Foyt, a representative of an unnamed U.S. federal agency, who is trying to stop the race because of its environmental effects and safety issues. In the car with him is Pamela Glover.

Shortly after they leave the starting line, J.J. and Victor (driving their ambulance) come across Foyt and Glover, who have been involved in a minor fender-bender. Glover implores J.J. and Victor to help, but when they tell Foyt to enter the ambulance through the back door, they kidnap Glover and take off without him.

As the race progresses, various teams are shown either evading law enforcement (the Subaru team are able to turn off their headlights for racing at night) or talking their way out of tickets (Jill and Marcie use sex appeal by unzipping their race suits to display copious amounts of cleavage). Similarly, the ambulance is pulled over by Connecticut state troopers; Dr. Van Helsing drugs Glover (by now being referred to as "Beauty"), and J.J. and Victor are able to convince the troopers that they're rushing "the Senator's daughter" to U.C.L.A. for medical treatment. And Roger Moore is frequently shown evading police by using various James Bond-type gadgets (such as oil slicks, smoke screens, etc.) installed in his Aston-Martin.

In Missouri, Fenderbaum and Blake are able to convince Victor to pull over their ambulance in order to bless the patient on board. While Blake carries out the blessing, Fenderbaum lets the air out of the ambulance's tires.

Later, as the ambulance pulls out of a gas station, the Ferrari comes screaming in behind it; in a fit of revenge, J.J. convinces a nearby police officer that the two men dressed as priests are actually sex perverts who are responsible for the flashing victim in the ambulance.

Meanwhile, Foyt, with the help of his government agency, is able to set up a roadblock and catch several teams (though none of the "major" teams featured in the movie).

Similar scenes continue to build up to the conclusion of the movie. The remaining teams find themselves stopped on a desert highway, next to a roadside market, waiting for construction work to clear the road ahead of them. While waiting, a biker gang shows up and begins harassing the Asian family who run the market. The Subaru team go to help the family (naturally, Jackie Chan puts his martial arts skills to work) and the remaining teams join in the massive fight. In the middle of the fight, the construction crew announces that the road is open, and the teams sprint back to their cars for the final race to the finish.

The ambulance begins falling behind the rest of the pack, until Victor changes into his super-hero alter-ego Captain Chaos. The vehicles all arrive at the finish line's parking lot at the same time, and it's a foot race to the finish line. (Why it's so important to be first to the clock when everyone clocked out at different times is left unexplained.) In the sprint, J.J. hands off his team's time card to Victor, then ambushes the remaining racers, leaving only Victor and one of the Lamborghini women. Just when it appears Victor will reach the time clock first, a scream rings out, and a spectator shouts that her "baby" has fallen into the water. Victor, still in his Captain Chaos persona, quits the race and rushes to save the baby (later revealed to be the woman's dog), allowing Marcie to clock in first.


01.Cannonball - Ray Stevens

02.Here Comes Da Sheik - Al Capps

03.T-T-Turn Left - Al Capps

04.Hong Kong - Al Capps

05.Moore On The Scene - Al Capps

06.Love Is On The Air - Lou Rawls

07.Beauty´s Theme - Al Capps

08.If And When - Lou Rawls

09.Just For The Hell Of It - Ray Stevens

10.Moore Of The Same - Al Capps

11.The Cannonball Run - Chuck Mangione

12.Captain Chaos Strikes - Al Capps

13.You´ve Gotta Have A Dream (End Title) - California Children´s Chorus

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Hi Norman and thanks you very much for this album it's very nice from you to share it. It was a great movie from 80's and it remind to my sweet memory. Thanks for your blog and the job you do. Bye from France

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