Montag, 12. Februar 2007

Hard To Hold (1984)

About The Movie:
In Hard to Hold, pop singer Rick Springfield is cast as an immensely successful recording artist named James Roberts. As a result of a fender-bender accident, Roberts meets and falls in love with child psychologist Diana Lawson (Janet Eilber), who is not the least bit impressed with James' wealth or fame. He spends the rest of the picture following Diana all over San Francisco, much to the discomfort of his lovelorn writing partner Nicky Nides (Patti Hanson).

01.Love Somebody - Rick Springfield
02.Don´t Walk Away - Rick Springfield
03.Bob ´Til You Drop - Rick Springfield
04.Taxi Dancing - Rick Springfield & Randy Crawford
05.S.F.O. (Instrumental) - Rick Springfield
06.Stand Up - Rick Springfield
07.When The Lights Go Down - Graham Parker
08.The Great Lost Art Of Conversation - Rick Springfiel
09.Heart Of A Woman - Nona Hendryx
10.I Go Swimming - Peter Gabriel

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bballnchic12 hat gesagt…

Hey I just stumbled upon your site. Very nice! Thanks for Hard To Hold, it's been hard to find!

80s Soundtracks & More hat gesagt…

hey bballnchic12.thank you for the kind words.i´m a big rick springfield fan and i know how hard it is to get the soundtrack.

Freeman hat gesagt…

Thank you from Thailand.

Your Blog Theme about soundtrack is very interesting.

Cheers !

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Danke von San Francisco!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Dankeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee das war die Rettung

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