Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2007

Eddie & The Cruisers 2:Eddie Lives! (1989)

This Is The Sequel To One Of My Favourite Movies Of The 80s.
Again With Music From John Cafferty.If You Want More Music From Him,Tell Me!

About The Movie:

This sequel to the rock & roll mystery Eddie and the Cruisers explains many of the questions concerning the mysterious death of 1960s rocker Eddie Wilson, who with his Cruisers was celebrating the success of their first album when he got in a terrible car wreck, from which his body was never recovered. Also missing were the masters from the group's upcoming second album. This story begins 25-years later as Eddie Wilson is found living in Montreal under an assumed name. At this time, the masters from the second album are finally released and suddenly the whole continent is caught up in a resurgence of "Eddiemania." This inspires Wilson, who continues to use an alias, to form a new band and hit the road. Once again, his music is provided by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.


01.Runnin´Thru The Fire
02.Just A Matter Of Time
03.Open Road
05.Emotional Storm
06.Pride & Passion
07.Garden Of Eden
08.NYC Song
09.Some Like It Hot
10.(Keep My Love) Alive

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Rudy D hat gesagt…

Thanks for this score.

Do you also have "HEAVENLY BODIES" (1984) ?


Bonnie Pointer - The Beast In Me
Sparks - Breaking Out Of Prison
Tubes - Out Of Control
Cheryl Lynn - At Last You're Mine
Marc Tanner - Look What You've Done To Me
Gary Wright - Breakthrough
Dwight Twilley - Keep On Working
Bonnie Pointer - Heaven
Joe Lamont - Love Always Wins
Boys Brigade - Into The Flow

Thanks in advance

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Honored General hat gesagt…

While we're on this thread, how about "Streets of Fire"? Thank You in advance!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I love the 80's! Great soundtracks! I would love to see NO WAY OUT (1987- Kevin Costner starred) by Maurice Jarre, THE EMERALD FOREST (1985-Powers Boothe starred), AMERICAN ANTHEM (1986- Mitch Gaylord starred, From the director of Purple Rain) & PERFECT (1985- John Travolta starred). I loved these soundtracks from the 80's. Thanks to anyone who can help!!!

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