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Mosquito Coast (1986)

Maverick inventor Allie Fox finds little support for his inventions in the United States. Because of this, he moves to the Mosquito Coast in Honduras, dragging his wife and four children with him. Upon arrival he purchases a township in the jungle from a man in a local bar. After difficulty they arrive at the town of Geronimo in the jungle.

Under Allie's authoritarian leadership the family and employees build with hard work a settlement in the jungle. It includes an ice factory (one of his inventions), providing useful cooling for the settlement and the region. During several occasions Allie enters into conflict with a missionary who wishes to spread the word of Christianity to the township. One day three armed men demand to stay at the settlement. The threat and loss of freedom is countered by making a bedroom for the men in the ice factory, locking it and cooling the room to freeze them to death. However, they start shooting from inside, causing a fire which not only kills them, but also destroys the whole settlement and pollutes the river.

Although the other family members want to return to the U.S., Allie insists in starting again at a new location. He lies saying the U.S. has been destroyed in a nuclear war, which some of the children believe. On occasion, family members plan to sneak away to leave, or even consider killing Allie. As a local man and friend of the family had warned, the water level gets high, and the new settlement is also destroyed.

On the move again, they arrive at a mission church and small township. Suffering from mental anguish, Allie sets the church on fire, after which the missionary with whom he had come into conflict earlier in the film shoots him. On the way home, travelling downstream by boat, he is paralyzed, while the family lies telling him that they are going upstream, as he wants. They are in reality going downstream towards the ocean and back to America.

The film is written from the viewpoint of the eldest son, Charlie, played in the film by River Phoenix. The relationship between father (Harrison Ford) and son (River Phoenix) is an important part of the film, at the conclusion Charlie finally comments on how he has outgrown his childhood attachment to the infallibility of his father. The film also explores aspects of modern life and issues of consumerism; it also presents a contrast between what some consider a communist society (Geromino) and a capitalist one (the USA which they left behind).


01.Mosquito Coast

02.Goodbye America (And Have A Nice Day)

03.Gimme Socca

04.Up The River




08.The Storm

09.Allie´s Theme

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