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Iron Eagle II (1988)

ron Eagle II is a 1988 action film about a joint United States/Soviet task force formed to counter the threat of an unnamed Middle Eastern country. The task force is led by US Air Force Colonel (briefly promoted to Brigadier General during the film) Charles 'Chappy' Sinclair (Louis Gossett, Jr.). The Middle Eastern country is threatening both superpowers with nuclear ICBMs. As the task force attempts to accomplish its goals, it must overcome political sabotage as well as cultural and personal grudges.

Iron Eagle II is the sequel to the 1986 film Iron Eagle and itself was followed by two sequels: Aces: Iron Eagle III and Iron Eagle IV.


01.Chasing The Angels - Mike Reno

02.Gimme Some Lovin´- Insiders

03.If You Were My Girl - Henry Lee Summer

04.Burning My Heart Down - FM/UK

05.I Need You - Rick Springfield

06.I Got A Line On You - Alice Cooper

07.Tomcat Prowl - Doug And The Slugs

08.Livin´On The Edge - Britny Fox

09.Take These Chains - Sweet Obsession

10.Enemies Like You And Me - Ruth Pointer And Billy Vera

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I'll never understand why you put the time and effort into something like this, only to do a half-assed job of it. The tracks are all 128 kbps, which is sub-standard audio! You could just as easily do this at 192 kbps, which is CD quality, or above. Furthermore, your ID3 tags are all screwed up.

You put good material online, I just wish that you did a better job of it.

Valerie hat gesagt…

Would you be willing to reupload Iron Eagle 1 and II? It would be greatly appreciated

Jackie hat gesagt…

Please to reupload Iron Eagle II? please,please

Score-Brother hat gesagt…

Could you please re-post this?

TURKAOR hat gesagt…

TURKAOR hat gesagt…