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Youngblood (1986)

About The Movie:
17-Year-Old farmhand Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe) has dreams of playing in the bright lights of the National Hockey League. However, first he must prove to himself, his family and his teammates that he can survive in the harsh, brutal world of Canadian Junior Hockey with a rag tag team of roughnecks, the Hamilton Mustangs. Possessing blazing speed and a quick stick, Youngblood quickly learns after a violent run-in with a brutish, neanderthal-like player, Carl Racki (George J. Finn) that flashiness and pure athletic ability simply will not be enough to be successful in this league. After his mentor and friend on the team, Sutton (Patrick Swayze) is brutally injured by the thuggish Racki, Youngblood returns home to the farm out of fear, sadness, and disgust. After a pep-talk by his older brother, Kelly (Jim Youngs) about the nature of never quitting and always standing up for yourself, Youngblood is inspired to learn how to fight and survive on the ice and adapt the killer instinct that has been stopping him from being successful. Youngblood returns to the team, a new man, ready to confront Racki in the final game of the playoffs between his team and the Thunder Bay Bombers. The game ends with a stunning game-winning penalty shot by Youngblood, yet is far from over as Youngblood demands to his coach, Murray Chadwich (Ed Lauter) to be left in the game as time expires to confront Racki. "Let's go" says Youngblood and Racki engage in a violent, hockey fight to the finish with his teammates and crowd including Youngblood's father Blane (Eric Nesterenko) and girlfriend, Coach Chadwick's daughter, Jessie (Cynthia Gibb) cheering him on. Youngblood emerges victorious, landing several blows to the face and body of his nemesis Racki and is carried off the ice on the shoulders of his teammmates in celebration.

01.Opening Score - William Orbit
02.Stand In The Fire - Mickey Thomas
03.Talk Me Into It - Glenn Jones
04.Something Real - Mr.Mister
05.I´m A Real Man - John Hiatt
06.Cut You Down To Size - Starship
07.Footsteps - Nick Gilder
08.Soldier Of Fortune - Marc Jordan
09.Winning Is Everything - Autograph

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Cam hat gesagt…

wow, that is so cool! i love 80's soundtracks! i have been looking for the one of the movies "Can't buy me love" and "Nobody's Perfect" ( in german, Haende weg von Stefanie, with Chad Lowe! do you might have those! that would be awsome! greats!

80s Soundtracks & More hat gesagt…

hey cam,thank u for the kind words.
i´m searching for your two soundtrack request,but as yet i can´t find any information about them.

Cam hat gesagt…

hey, thanks for your help! no worries! maybe i will stumble upon them sometime! ;-) i hope to find more 80's treasures on your site here! i might have some request later maybe! hehe... oh, do you have the soundtrack to the movie, "Mannequin"with kim catrall and andrew mccarthy! you can guess i am a huge 80's fan, hehe! talk to you soon! ;-)

phaota hat gesagt…

If you are looking for 80s era music, write me at I am a BIG collector of tunes from that century and have a massive collection of songs, including tons of movie soundtracks. If I don't have a song, I'll search it out.

Gökmen hat gesagt…

Miss the 80's.. Thank you so much. Everyting has changed..
I'm 32 today but a child like yesterday

Erwin hat gesagt…

Thanks for this soundtrack - I had forgotten all about this one. By the way, do you have access to the soundtrack to "Wildcats" starring Goldie Hawn? I have been looking for that one forever.

Peace out.

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