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Staying Alive (1983)

About The Movie:
Staying Alive is a 1983 film sequel to Saturday Night Fever, starring John Travolta as the same character, Cynthia Rhodes, Finola Hughes, Steve Inwood, Julie Bovasso, and dancers Viktor Manoel, Kate Ann Wright, Kevyn Morrow and Nanette Tarpey.
Tony Manero is six years older, and now is auditioning for Broadway. The movie has him having left Brooklyn and now living in Manhattan. He has little money and is staying in a flophouse while he tries to break into a major Broadway show as a dancer. The world of show business however is highly competitive, and the established performers resent this newcomer whom they see as an intruder trying to push them out of their positions. His mother while having high hopes for her son also disapproves of the racy nature of the dancing in the show, which she finds shocking; to top it off the show is called "Satan's Alley." In the end, Manero's mother accepts his newfound career, while Manero learns the hard way that he has to keep his ego and his personal conflicts off the stage in order to make it in Broadway.

01.The Woman In You - Bee Gees
02.I Love You Too Much - Bee Gees
03.Breakout - Bee Gees
04.Someone Belonging To Someone - Bee Gees
05.Life Goes On - Bee Gees
06.Stayin´Alive - Bee Gees
07.Far From Over - Frank Stallone
08.Look Out For Number One - Tommy Faragher
09.Finding Out The Hard Way - Cynthia Rhodes
10.Moody Girl - Frank Stallone
11.(We Dance) So Close To The Fire - Tommy Faragher
12.I´m Never Gonna Give You Up - Frank Stallone & Cynthia Rhodes

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